A Simple Online Form to Help You Register Your Trade Mark

Are you considering registering your brand or trade mark but not sure how?

Read below, as we provide you a free online consultation on how we can help you register your intellectual property.


When you register a trade mark, you get exclusive rights to use the mark in the goods and services you have registered it under.  No one else is allowed to use an identical mark or a mark that is substantially similiae.  If someone does use an identical or similar mark, you have a right to sue them for infringing your rights.  There are other ways to prevent them from using your mark but essentially, you’re the rightful holder of that trade mark.


Please complete below the following form. We’ve made it as simple as we possibly can so you can understand how to complete it.  Once completed and sent to us, we will review it and send you a quote for your perusal.

Email mea@meavaiip.com and ask for our Schedule of Fees.


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