Trade Mark Filing Requirements

Are you considering registering your trade mark?  If so, please find below a list of requirements you will need have handy when requesting us to assist you file a trade mark application with the Papua New Guinea Intellectual Property Office.

A. Name of Applicant

B. Full Trade or Business Address of Applicant

C. Country of Incorporation for Applicant

D. Representation of Trade Mark

E. List of Goods/Services for which the trade mark will be used

F. Trading Style (if any)

G. Status of Use – whether (a) in use / or (b) proposed to be used

H. Nominated Address for Service

Here are answers to questions we are frequently asked:

  • Are mutli-class applications acceptable?
    • No
  • Is a Power of Attorney required?
    • No
  • Can an applicant claim priority based on an earlier application?
    • Yes

For our fees, please email us on

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