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In a first of its kind in Papua New Guinea, we’re offering Free online IP Consultation for Papua New Guinea SME’s. That’s right!

Our goal with this Free Online IP Consultation is to help you make the right decisions in respect of the protection of your intellectual property or at the very least, give you some guidance. When it comes to anything with the word “legal” or “intellectual property”, many of us SME owners tend to think that it’s for the “big brand” businesses and it’s costly. Not now!

The thing is, many of us who tend to be ignorant about IP suffer the most. Our ignorance can cost us more money and worse, loss of our own intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property is an asset – a very valuable one. And taking a proactive approach is a positive step to minimizing the risk of theft and at the same time maximizing the chances of monetizing from it.

Process & Outcome of Consultation

When you complete the online form below, we will review the information and where necessary ask you more questions so that we can:

  • understand your current business situation
  • know the products/services you provide and their respective branding
  • conduct a review and assessment on your IP
  • identify your current and future IP
  • the options available to you to protect your IP
  • provide you a guideline on how to protect the intellectual property(ies) identified in a cost-effective manner

Complete the form

PNG SME IP Consultation

Free online IP Consultation
  • Name of business owner
  • Your email address
  • Name of Business
  • Your website URL
  • List the relevant industries of your business
  • Please list the goods and services you sell. Also name the brands.
  • Provide a list of your brands from your top selling brand to your lowest
    Are your products sold overseas?
    Do you have any registered trademarks, patents, industrial designs registered at the IPA?
  • Where do you advertise your business and the products or service you sell
    Are any aspects of your business unique which only you have created?
    As in a formula, practice, process, design, instrument, pattern, commercial method or the like not generally known or reasonably ascertainable by others that gives you an advantage
  • Do you have any further comments to make?

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