A Partnership with Anaqua

About three years ago when we started this journey of operating as a local boutique intellectual property firm, we, like many new start-ups, made contact with Anaqua and others with the possibility of exploring business opportunities. It was a positive exchange but nothing more.

A year after that, we made a trip to Boston, Massachusetts, ironically where Anaqua is based, for the INTA meeting. Obviously, Anaqua was one of the businesses we wanted to meet and although we did meet some of their team members at their booth, nothing further eventuated after that.

A few more correspondences followed and after just over three years since our first exchange, we were pleasantly surprised last night to have been given the opportunity to partner with this Boston based firm through the signing of the IP Rights Maintenance Service Level Agreement.

It’s a huge milestone for us as a local boutique and we’re so pleased that a company of Anaqua’s reputation has given us the opportunity and confidence to partner with them for their client’s intellectual property in Papua New Guinea.

Our partnership with Anaqua Services means we will be assisting them renew their client’s trademarks, industrial design and patents in Papua New Guinea starting from December 2021.

About Anaqua

ANAQUA provides Intellectual Asset Management software and services to help companies and law firms improve their management of patents, trade secrets, and trademarks to gain competitive advantage. A primarily web-based product, ANAQUA has over 20,000 users with an ever-growing client base.

In an article on Venture Beat

Managing intellectual property can be a time-consuming process, especially for major enterprises with thousands of inventions, patents, and trademarks. That’s why companies like Microsoft, Ford, and Coca-Cola turn to Anaqua for help.

Anaqua, makes software that helps global enterprises file, manage, and protect their intellectual property. It sells the software-as-a-service (in the cloud) to more than 20,000 users, who use Anaqua to manage more than $500 billion in intellectual assets, according to the company.

Vai IP

Vai IP is a boutique intellectual property law firm based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

For more information, contact us by email on mail@vaiiplawyers.com

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